Volume and Elasticity Replacement

With the passing of time, exposure to sunlight and other lifestyle choices, your skin and lips begin to show the effects of gravity, loss of volume and elasticity.  

Our cheeks may lose their firmness and fullness, our mid-face may take on a sunken appearance, our eyes may become hollowed, our jaw line loses its sharpness and unsightly jowls may begin to appear.

At Estética, we take on a compassionate and caring approach when treating clients with volume and elasticity loss, as we are mindful of how these aged related facial changes might affect your overall self-confidence.

We use  a combination of therapies, over a number of treatment sessions, in order to achieve a realistic and positive outcome for our clients.

Our techniques have been polished and refined so that your "beauty work" is undetectable. The results are a natural, refreshed appearance without looking ‘done’.