Nose Reshaping

While everyone's perception of physical beauty differs, as the central feature of the face, the nose plays a fundamental role in facial proportion and overall facial harmony.

Changing the shape of the nose to balance with a patient's individual features requires an artistic flare that Estética's specialist injectors pride themselves in their skillful, outstanding results.

A "Nose Job" without surgery can now be achieved using an injectable dermal filler. It is a simple and quick treatment, with very little downtime and discomfort,  eliminating the need for surgery. The procedure is used to correct relatively minor defects such as small depressions, small humps, nasal asymmetries, bridge augmentations as well as post surgical rhinoplasty corrections where the result has been less than satisfactory.

Patient's suitability is determined at the time of consultation, and when performed on the right candidate, it can have a profound positve impact on the individual overall facial harmony and self confidence.